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Why All You Need To Make A Living Is A Computer

by Victoria Greene


If you are sick of the hum-drum 9/5 lifestyle, you can escape and choose to make a living on your terms. It’s everyone’s dream to take more time off to concentrate on the more essential things in life and recharge our batteries. We all want to live to work, not work to live.

But wait a minute, don’t you need starting capital to get your winning business idea up and running? No, you can get started by booting up your computer.

Your Skills Are Lucrative – You Just Need To Find Your Market

If you are a professional who has built up a list of transferable skills, you could sign yourself up to any of the top freelancing services websites. Check out Upwork, PeoplePerHour,, or Fiverr and set up a profile.

If you don’t have a specialized skill (like web development or graphic design), set up as a virtual assistant. You can conduct data entry, social media management, and research tasks online. And best of all, you can do these remotely and choose your own rates.

Showcase your skills to as many people as possible. Update your LinkedIn profile and build a portfolio site with examples of your best work. Don’t worry if you’re just starting out and you haven’t got any real-world proof of your experience. Create pieces for your portfolio page ‘on spec’ and create concepts for your ideal clientele.

Often with portfolio sites, you only need around ten pieces on display. Pick out 10 of your ideal clients and tailor a perfect solution for their needs.

Share Your Skills Far And Wide

Sharing your specialized skills with a broader audience is a great way to make money online. If you can make a series of video tutorials, you can upload them to YouTube or an online learning site like Skillshare. With SkillShare, people pay to join your online course.

You can also supply worksheets, copy documents and create an in-depth class that establishes you as a trusted authority amongst the internet community. YouTube videos can be monetized through Google AdSense, meaning you will be paid a small percentage of the video’s ad revenue for every view.

If you are looking for more in the way of starting capital to establish a business project, you can also set up an account on a site like Patreon and ask your YouTube subscribers to give donations. The funds you get can keep your channel running, or provide an alternative to a GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaign.

Create An Online Store

If you are looking to get into ecommerce, there are many ways you can set up and start generating a profit from home in no time. For the price of a small monthly subscription, you can access all the tools and templates you need to make an online store. Think about the hobbies and interests you have in life and build what you’d like to see online.

Don’t worry about stocking up on inventory; you can use a dropshipping model where purchases go directly to a supplier, once you have received payment from the customer purchasing from your store.

Consider your store branding carefully. You want to make your website look attractive, and it should also contain content that helps your customers make smarter purchasing decisions.

Alter the product descriptions from the default dropship supplier listing. Highlight the features and benefits of the products and make sure you take original photos of the products. Differentiating yourself from the competition and appealing to your audience is vital and requires careful research.

Become An eBook Author

If you’re a writer, or you can afford to outsource a 30-page document on Fiverr to a registered copywriter, you can start your own publishing house online. You can set up on Amazon Kindle Direct, Kobo or any of the other self-publishing listings sites. Think about the types of helpful guides or non-fiction titles you would most want to read and plan out a set of eBook outlines. Use keyword research to find the topic and areas your audience would most want to read in eBook form.

Look at best-selling titles and see how you can ‘do one up’ on the competition. You will need to make them look appealing by hiring a designer to illustrate a front cover. Put lots of time and effort into writing the perfect book descriptions, including the keywords you need to appear in search listings, and consider your product tags carefully. You want to ensure that your listings appear in the right place within the online marketplace.

Become A Full-Time Blogger

If you would like to be well-known as an internet persona, set up an online blog in an area you are passionate about. Don’t worry about whether your interests are popular or extremely niche. There is a place on the internet for everyone, and you would be surprised how many like-minded people you can find in the world.

Head to social media and look up influential voices in your chosen subject. Check out their blog, give them a follow and take note of the lessons you can learn for building up your own blog’s content.

Create an email subscriber list and set up on all of the main social networking sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Work on gaining a strong following. Once you have built up a steady stream of regular readers, set up some affiliate links and other sponsorship opportunities. Don’t forget to guest blog on other high-profile sites in your genre to help drive traffic towards your website.

If any of the above ideas have inspired you to go it alone, ditch the fear of entrepreneurship and give it a go. The ideas listed above are a cheap investment that could generate significant returns. Pay careful attention to your self-promotion techniques and don’t be hesitant to outsource help when you need a different set of skills.


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Victoria GreeneWriter & Entrepreneur

I always knew I wanted to work for myself, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. When I finally took the plunge to become an entrepreneur, it was the best decision I ever made. Now I love sharing my advice to help others have the courage to take the jump into entrepreneurship.