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BETHNEY: For making the entire Passionista section happen + writing amazing intros.

erika de la cruz passionista we rule contributor

ERIKA: For creating the Passionista community + good vibes + leading by example + inspiring others!

casandra walker pr public relations contributor we rule

CASANDRA: For sharing her global PR community with us and introducing us to many inspiring entrepreneurs.

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TIFFANY + TASHA: For collaborating on the most amazing events with us! If you are reading this + need to organize a top notch event click here.

paula brancato northwestern mutual finance we rule team page

PAULA: For helping female entrepreneurs with their finances + her team at Northwestern Mutual.

israel costa contributor we rule

ISRAEL: For introducing us to many entrepreneurs in Brazil and connecting us with them.

gesche haas we rule founder dreamers doers partner

GESCHE: For founding Dreamers// Doers + making many collaborations happen.

rachel cargle we rule team contributor

RACHEL: For interviewing amazing ladies + always executing on amazing projects.

christina m blackburn contributor

CHRISTINA: For conducting the most popular interview and being a business owner herself.

yiwen contributor we rule covering china

YIWEN: For connecting with many female entrepreneurs in China and being passionate about art.

amrutha contributor we rule

AMRUTHA: For interviewing some really inspiring women on the West Coast! 

angela guzman we rule entrepreneur business global

ANGELA: For being an amazing intern and helping us grow our network.






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"Welcome! WE Rule started as a simple project at a coffee shop and it used to be just an Instagram account.

I wanted to find a way to grow my network and surround myself with successful women just like you, but I didn't want to do it in a traditional way so I decided to interview them and publish their stories on social media. Telling stories of rich and famous was never my goal. Through WE Rule I wanted to connect female entrepreneurs that have successful businesses globally, but are not on the "Top 100 Influential People on Planet Earth" list... yet! Your business needs a voice and we are here to give it to you."

PS: I just joined Twitter! Follow me: @kedrajustyna_ + connect with me on LinkedIn!

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Rahana was born and raised in the Caribbean and has been a Wall Street veteran for over 14 years. She first started at WE Rule as an international contributor and recently joined the team and launched her own department- the YOUCARE FOUNDATION, which will officially launch soon! Rahana is very passionate about helping youth globally and will be helping to connect them to growth opportunities and empower them to think about the future in a bigger way.

For our first project we connected a business owner in Egypt to a foundation in Tanzania- stay tuned for the announcement. If you are a non- profit or a for-profit oraganization wanting to connect and do good, please contact Rahana.

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My name is Gifty Blankson, I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. I immigrated to America in 2009 for better educational and economic opportunities. I was raised by a single mother who instilled in me the value of hard work. I am currently pursing my degree at New York University (NYU). My passion is to help children who grow up in single parent households because I know firsthand the challenges they endure on daily basis. I found out about We Rule through America Needs You, and I fell in love with their mission since it aligns with mine. I strongly believe that if women get support to succeed in their endeavors, children will not have to struggle for basic necessities in life.  Working with We Rule has been a life changing experience as it has opened my eyes to important issues globally.

Click to connect with me on Linkedin.