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Interviewed by: Justyna Kedra (


InCharged delivers more than a power boost – we offer unique tactical marketing that puts brands InCharge of their customer experience. We are committed to providing the fastest, safest, most efficient charging technology while collaborating with our partners to ensure an effective user experience. InCharged manufactures the only mobile charging products on the market that are modular, scalable, and compatible with 100% of devices.

Is entrepreneurship something that anyone can tackle? What is the most important thing to consider?

Being an entrepreneur is often glamorized, but when you push the curtain back it’s a lot of hard work and risk – if you’re more interested in the lifestyle than your actual project, you will quickly be disappointed. You need to make sure you are dedicated to your vision and can commit your all to it even in the face of setbacks and sacrifices. You need to be resilient, driven, and willing to put in a lot of hard work.

Do you think you want to start other businesses in the future or do you want to keep growing this one as long as possible? What is the dream?

I think entrepreneurs are naturally builders - growth is part of what drives an entrepreneur to constantly be innovating. Some projects can keep scaling up indefinitely, but for InCharged there will, at some point, be a ceiling. I’m always actively developing ideas, and when I come up with one I deconstruct it to see if it will work - if not, then I move on to the next. I’m passionate about my product, but I’m a creator so I like to always be developing something new.

Is it important to set goals or is it better to just “go with the flow”? What is your strategy?

Setting goals is critical, but at the same time you have to be fluid enough to be able to shift if the business calls for it. Part of what made InCharged successful was being able to try something and if it didn’t work, change paths quickly. It’s important to have guidelines and something to aspire to, but goals should not prevent you from taking your business in a direction that may be more interesting or even more profitable.

What does success mean to you? What does it mean to “be successful”? Can it ever be fully achieved or is it something that comes and goes?

To me, success is maintaining a level of security and happiness while being able to follow my vision. My bank account doesn’t make me feel successful - I only truly feel validated by the quality of the life I lead. Success is defined differently by each individual; it’s not a destination, but something that must be maintained.

Did you look for funding in the past?

Yes – the first time was in the form of SBA loan, but I felt like I was wasting time with the paperwork and I wanted to be able to take more risks than the bank would allow. So I decided to work as many jobs as I could and self-funded the project - you’d really be amazed with what you can do with very little! Once we started growing I thought that getting an investor would be the thing to do, but I have since found that owning 100% of the company with no debt has given me peace of mind, allowed us to remain agile, and facilitated the type of rapid development that keeps us competitive.

Why do you think that female owned businesses are a VERY small percentage (that has not been growing) of businesses that get funded by venture capital? What can we do to change that?

Sexism is still a huge problem even though we don’t always see it. Women really need to continue to work together to help each other out. We should stop seeing other women as competition and instead support each other as much as possible – one woman’s success does not diminish the success of others. We should focus on raising each other up!