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BETHNEY: For making the entire Passionista section happen + writing amazing intros.

erika de la cruz passionista we rule contributor

ERIKA: For creating the Passionista community + good vibes + leading by example + inspiring others!

casandra walker pr public relations contributor we rule

CASANDRA: For sharing her global PR community with us and introducing us to many inspiring entrepreneurs.

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TIFFANY + TASHA: For collaborating on the most amazing events with us! If you are reading this + need to organize a top notch event click here.

paula brancato northwestern mutual finance we rule team page

PAULA: For helping female entrepreneurs with their finances + her team at Northwestern Mutual.

israel costa contributor we rule

ISRAEL: For introducing us to many entrepreneurs in Brazil and connecting us with them.

gesche haas we rule founder dreamers doers partner

GESCHE: For founding Dreamers// Doers + making many collaborations happen.

rachel cargle we rule team contributor

RACHEL: For interviewing amazing ladies + always executing on amazing projects.

christina m blackburn contributor

CHRISTINA: For conducting the most popular interview and being a business owner herself.

yiwen contributor we rule covering china

YIWEN: For connecting with many female entrepreneurs in China and being passionate about art.

amrutha contributor we rule

AMRUTHA: For interviewing some really inspiring women on the West Coast! 

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ANGELA: For being an amazing intern and helping us grow our network.






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Born in Poland, moved to Chicago at age 14 and then to NYC to pursue my biggest dream – entrepreneurship. Parsons was my only decision. I knew that the school will provide me with all the necessary skills.

Upon graduation I started interviewing female entrepreneurs inspire me – first 200 I did myself over coffee. I was amazed how many successful entrepreneurs I met, so I started digging deeper- globally. After learning they face the same issues around the world, I realized that I found a problem to solve and a life mission.

...Then I found out that women get only 3% of venture funding- FUNDVENTURES was born. Coming soon in 2018.

PS: I just joined Twitter! Follow me: @kedrajustyna_ + connect with me on LinkedIn!

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Rahana was born and raised in the Caribbean and has been a Wall Street veteran for over 14 years.

She joined us as an international contributor, successfully connecting two of our female entrepreneurs. One in Egypt, a doll maker, and the other a non-profit in Tanzania that sends girls to school. The project was a big success, which brought awareness and exposure to both.

Today she works with us full time, overseeing day-to-day operations, networking and building the business. Rahana is a visionary who’s passionate about empowering women and children globally.

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"My name is Gifty Blankson, I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. I immigrated to America in 2009 for better educational and economic opportunities. I was raised by a single mother who instilled in me the value of hard work. I am currently pursing my degree at New York University (NYU). My passion is to help children who grow up in single parent households because I know firsthand the challenges they endure on daily basis. I found out about We Rule through America Needs You, and I fell in love with their mission since it aligns with mine. I strongly believe that if women get support to succeed in their endeavors, children will not have to struggle for basic necessities in life.  Working with We Rule has been a life changing experience as it has opened my eyes to important issues globally."

Click to connect with me on Linkedin.